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Hey guys!

Our new short film, Forgiven, will be available shortly: However, and I say this with great regret, “short” is a very relativistic word. That is, it may be a few weeks before we can release the this new production. Whether this is due to my terrible editing ability, or our editing software thought it would be real funny to flippantly ruin the audio of our footage, I can’t say, but I would like to inform each and every one of you that the film is finished and that it will be on the way as soon as possible. But I can’t guarantee any particular date of release at this time, so if you happen to follow this website even occasionally, thanks for your patience!

In Christ,



New Short!!!

Hello everybody! Just wanted to let you all know that we have a new short which will be filming friday\saturday (depending on how late the party goes!!!) About two weeks ago I felt that God wanted us to make a Christian short , and after talking to Ryan we have worked out a short, which we hope, will be inspirational and encouraging. It will be called Forgiven so let that be a foreshadow for you. Be looking for it on our blog and facebook!!!

God Bless

Ninja M.
S. G.
13 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,

14 “Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

Luke 2:13-14

Where do we go from here?

I’m sure that’s a question that runs through many of our minds as we draw to a close with our project: Where do we go from here? What do we do with this film we’ve made? What have we gained from this experience? Why did we even do this?

We didn’t  make this film with money, or even viewing, in mind; we made it because we knew it’d be a good experience, that the process would instruct us in the craft. It’s been a wonderful time working with these people, those in the cast and crew alike; I’ve learned more from this production than I ever could have imagined at the time of its inception. At the beginning of it all, the process we underwent was slow, tedious, and inefficient. But as we continued, our skills grew, and were were zipping through scenes in such a manner that they were a blur to us all. And then, without forewarning, it was over. We had finished; now only two scenes remain, and one of them will be the most difficult yet.

But there is no doubt in my mind that we can do it. We’ve pulled through this far, and with God’s help, we can push through every obstacle, surmount every pitfall, and reach the goal that we set for ourselves in the Summer of 2010. Perhaps we won’t have a perfect movie available for viewing; perhaps some of the camera angels weren’t spot on. Maybe there were a few shots where we could see the cameramen or the director… But they are mere quips compared to the effect this has had in our ability to make movies. The next time we endeavor to make another, everything we’ve learned here will come in handy when problems requiring our knowledge crop up in unexpected places.

So, where do we go from here? Well, the answer is simple; we make more movies! We’ve learned so much from this production that I have no doubt the next one will be twice as excellent, and that the one after that will be even better. We have agreed, however, that the next one ought to be a little smaller, to enable us to do two or three next Summer. The experience will be better, in my opinion, as making short films is much easier than making long ones, and the process of making two or three may teach us even more than the process of a very large one.

All I can do is sigh when I look back on everything we’ve done; it truly was wonderful. There are some scenes that could use a little attendance, and maybe even a reshoot, but there are others that are so powerful and emotional that I had never even conceived it possible to film with our little camera, and edit with our amateur movie software. But there it is, sitting before us; a production that began as an idea on paper and transformed into something wonderful, something visual, something we hadn’t expected we could achieve. I thank God for this experience, and for the wonderful people with whom I shared it. One doesn’t endeavor to make a movie everyday with wonderful people, and a wonderful God, like this.

In Christ,

Carl Mineskwaka

Only 1 and 1\2 more scenes!

I am forever in all of our blog watchers debt for not posting something sooner. We have literally 1 and 1\2 more scenes left before our mega project The True Detective is done! I want to say thank you to all of those who have participated and helped out with this production. Ryan and I, especially, have felt that God is going to use candgproductions to further his kingdom and be a light to our world. For all of you who don’t know about the True Detective, it is a film about an amateur detective name Jacob Smith and his friend and colleague Philip as they attempt to solve a mysterious robbery committed by one of the world’s most deadly rings of criminals: The Order of the Black Flame. They journey is one of hardship, discouragement, hope, and courage. Hopefully it will be released before (or some time after) Christmas.

God Bless!

Ninja Mineskwaka

Almost Done!!!

We are almost done with The True Detective!!!
It has been a ton of work, I don’t think anyone was expecting this much work and time. However we only have a few more scenes before we come out with the final product! We are really hopping that it will be done by the end of August and we can start making copies. We have learned so much from this whole experience it is just incredible. I have learned a lot about how to run the camera and how to act to just how to set up a shot. We have had a lot of help, and we have had many voluntary actors who have stepped up to the plate with no fussing or complaining. I would just like to thank you all who are part of this film and for all your patience and hard work. I would say one of the most important parts is unity. We all need to do are best for the team. We also need to stay focused and keep plugging away until the job is done. Once again thank you all who have put your time into this production. And I hope all of you who read this will be able to see this film.

The Power of Prayer (In Everything)

We have made astounding progress in the past few days. No credit to us. However I would have to say that it was the supreme power of God. On the first day of filming we just dove right in and tried do everything our own way and it took us a few hours just to finish a couple short scenes! We were a little discouraged and we had to talk things over and tried to decide what went wrong. The next day of filming went a little smoother because it was just four of us and we could concentrate better. Then we realized that a lot of our friends that were in the movie and helping with it would start high school at the end of August! We needed to really start rolling. The next day we went back to try to reshoot some scenes we missed on the first day. Sebastain had the wonderfull idea of saying, “Hey, before we start, do you think we sould pray?” Ryan said, “Guess it couldn’t hurt, go ahead!” So we all took off our hats or caps and we said a short prayer asking God to help us and bless us. We made our goal of four scenes in 2 hours. Well that’s not exatly true we actuly got done half an hour early! The next day we would have the most people yet and I knew we would have to stay on track 100%. So I was in a “get’er done” mode. We had just finished our first scene when someone said, “Shouldn’t we pray first?” And Ryan said, “Well Sebastain you prayed last time so I guess it is my turn. Hey Mom, can you call everyone in here?” We all bowed our heads and prayed and we met our goal again and even did a few extra shots. Sure there have been mess ups and a few problems; who said that making a movie would be easy? However with God on our side and the power of prayer we overcame all of these problmes. We are all Christians at C&G Productions and if you think that prayer is just for church then you need to read this again. Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons we have. I belive we should pray in everything and everywhere even if we get a few strange looks now and then. Thank you for reading, we will have our trailer up shortly for your enjoyment. Thanks again.

The Script – A Journey from Page to Screen

The journey a script takes, from words to moving images on a screen, is a long and terrible one filled with a whole manner of obstacles that one must surmount. Perhaps the most difficult of these is “story continuity”, which is a constant plague to the entire film and must always be taken into account when shooting.

Why? The answer is quite simple; sometimes when you’re writing a script, you aren’t necessarily thinking about what goes on before or after the present scene which you are writing. Granted there is almost always a subconscious part of your mind taking into account some of the superficial plot points of the previous scenes, but almost always there are little hiccups that make an unwelcome appearance when you actually begin filming.

Sort of like reopening old wounds; you forgot about them (or didn’t tend them in the first place), and then they appear more festered than ever.

This disrupts the continuity of the story for those who don’t know what the story’s about. Of course we know how it goes; we know the intricacies of the plot, the twists of the story, the niceties of each scene, and the mystery that must be unraveled in the end. So, naturally, when we watch it, we understand, despite ambiguity or vagueness, what’s going on, why it’s going on, and where it will lead the story.

Besides continuity, there is another very difficult aspect of transferring a script to the screen, and that’s writing style.

When you’re writing a script, you have to be certain that you are writing in a way that is easily spoken; that is, if the script reads well but cannot be naturally spoken, it needs to be altered, since such dialogue will often seem contrived and fake. This is a much different experience for someone who likes to write fantasy novels like me, since I write to read well, not to be spoken well. But I’m learning, and as with everything it will take time for me to get used to it.

In conclusion, the journey from the written word to the moving screen is a crazy one, and besides that which I have mentioned there are many other hindrances along the way that impede progress, though I won’t mention them since they are often quite negligible.

Ryan – Carl Mineskwaka

Mister Smooth

We uploaded one of our Mini Movies to the blog, check it out in the Short Movies&Trailers page. We will be uploading more shortly so keep visiting our site. Hope you like Mr. Smooth I found it rather funny and I hope you will too feel free to comment. Thanks for checking out our Blog 🙂

The Power of Collaboration

One of the most important parts of making a movie is collaboration. The cinematographer has to listen to the director and the director has to trust the cinematographer. And the actors have to trust the leadership of the directors. We all have to collaborate and trust each other. We have learned this lesson many times and the movie only turned out better for it. We need to trust and then act. Sometimes it can be difficult if you are just an extra. Or it seems like all you do is get ordered around and you never get to have your say in the matter. However these are life lessons not for just filming. The more you collaborate in life the easier it is to accomplish hard and big things. It would be impossible for the director to make the entire film on his own and one actor would be completely lost! But if we trust, listen, and then act we can accomplish hard things. Like making a movie! 🙂



The Social Joys and Challenges of Making a Movie

In our last movie The Son of Lords The Sequel I was beginning to learn that movie making comes with many challenges and joys.  In the aspect of challenges sometimes actors and crew (especially certian friends who I won’t mention) can get a little off track and silly. On one occasion we were filming a scene at Karl’s house and our (flapjack loving) friend was flatulent and started cracking up. The rest of us couldn’t contain ourselves very well and it ended rather crazy. Also if someone (not in the shot) makes noise of any kind it can effect the quality of that scene. One of the wonderful things about movie making is when you are with friends your relationship with them can grow and you can learn new things by being with them. That’s why making movie is simply EPIC and Awesome!!!!!!!!

Sebastian- Ninja Mineskwaka